Start Creating the Perfect Landscape

Start Creating the Perfect Landscape

Rely on us for landscaping services in New Bedford, MA

Would you like a little extra shade in your backyard? Whaling City Tree Care offers tree planting alongside a variety of landscaping services. Whether you'd like to plant new trees in your front yard or line your driveway with neatly trimmed hedges, we're glad to manage your project. You can entrust your property in New Bedford, MA to us, and we'll transform and update it to your liking.

Discuss your landscaping project with our owner today.

3 ways we can improve your landscape

Ready for a landscaping project but not sure where to start? There are many different ways you can improve your property and cultivate a beautiful landscape. With our landscaping services, we can:

  1. Plant new flowers or trees
  2. Trim or cut back overgrown hedges
  3. Deliver and spread a fresh bed of mulch

With our professionals updating your landscape, you'll have an amazing outdoor space in no time. Contact us now for tree planting services.